Frequently Asked Questions

Our livery starts at £360 per month. Rehabilitation livery starts from £400.  All horses must be barefoot but we welcome any enquiries about other husbandry options. Please click hereto contact us.

  1. What is included in the livery cost?
  • 24 hour turnout on track
  • Ad-lib Hay – Tested at less than 10% combined sugar & starch
  • Access to large airy barn with premium Aubiose bedding
  • Daily poo picking
  • CCTV coverage & daily checks
  • Hooves picked out
  • Rug changes
  • Feed preparation and feeding if needed
  • Issuing of medication if needed and attending associated vet visits where required
  • Application of creams and sprays if requested
  • Arranging and collecting worm samples
  • Dispensing wormer to the horses

Extra services with the cost to be met by the owner

  • Trimmer
  • Sheath cleaning
  • Exercise
  • Any vet visits
  1. Do you have stables?

We do not have a stable for each horse as the horses live on the track 24/7, but we do have stables that can be used for emergencies or pens for segregation reasons if needed.

  1. Do the horses have access to any grass?

No. Our horses live on the multiple surfaced track 24/7 with access to ad lib hay. On the part of our track which we refer to as “the lane” we do have small amounts of grass growing on the verges in the spring/summer, but the horses tend not to eat any of it. They may have a nibble at the hedgerows, but we observe that they actually prefer to eat the hay.

  1. Do they come in at night?

No. Our horses live on the track 24/7. They do have access to our light and airy barn that has a lovely Aubiose hemp bed whenever they wish to use it

  1. What is the average rehabilitation stay at Gawsworth Track Livery?

The ideal time for a horse to stay at Gawsworth Track Livery depends on what condition they have. For a typical Laminitis case then we would recommend until the new hoof capsule has grown from the coronet band to the ground. For other conditions it will vary on a horse by horse basis.

  1. Do you have a yard farrier/ trimmer?

Yes, we have a barefoot trimmer that has been coming to GTL from the very beginning. His name is Chris Simpson. You can use our trimmer, or you can arrange for your own farrier/trimmer to attend the yard, it is entirely up to you.

  1. Is the cost of the farrier included in the price?

No. This cost will be requested as and when your horse is required to see our trimmer or your trimmer/farrier.

  1. Do any of the herd get a hard feed?

Yes if they require it. Not all the horses at Gawsworth Track Livery get a hard feed as sometimes they don’t need it. We supply our horses with ad lib hay which has a mix of grasses and we supply mineral salt licks in the barn. Should your horse require a hard feed, then that can be accommodated.

  1. Does anybody ride?

Yes. We have some horses that come to us to retire and have an easy life and we have horses who are kept in work by their owners. At Gawsworth Track Livery we have access to over 30 acres of fields to ride around as well as a lovely quiet country lanes and local bridle paths. We are very lucky to have Somerford Park on our doorstep where it takes 15 minutes in a box and Delamere Forest or Kelsall Hill is a 40-minute drive away.

  1. Do any of the horses wear rugs?

Yes if they require it. We do try to keep the horses at Gawsworth Track Livery as natural as possible, but we understand each horse is an individual and treat their needs as such.

  1. Are rug changes included in the price?


  1. Do you have worming programme?

Yes. Our horses have regular worm counts, saliva tests for Tapeworm and they have Equest in the winter for full coverage.

  1. Do you have storage for my horses’ belongings?

Yes. We have a covered, segregated area for you to store your horses’ belongings on the yard. We are in the process of building a new tack room so keep your eyes out for updates.

  1. Can we visit our horses?

Yes absolutely! We encourage you to come and see your horses as often as you can. We have liveries that live locally and others that are further away and can only visit at weekends. We do not judge you on how many times you come to visit. We do ask that liveries do not enter the track on their own if no one is at the farm without notifying us of their attendance first, this is for safety reasons. Our opening times are 8am to 4pm in the winter and 8am to 7pm in the summer.